The APA Takes Charge, or Three Cheers for Amy Ferrer

Ever since I first posted this site in 2012, I’ve consistently envisioned it as a proof of concept of something the APA should take up as a systematic endeavor. Today comes word that the APA is embarking on a whole range of data collection efforts, including placement data. All I can say is, Hurrah!

Thus continues the remarkable transformation of the APA into a functional professional organization that actually serves the interests of its members under the executive directorship of Amy Ferrer.

By the way, I’ve long put off a comment about the 2013 edition of the APA Grad Guide, the 2012 version of which I commented on here. In brief, the 2013 version was a vast improvement, and began offering the data that could support apples-to-apples comparisons between departments that was lacking in the earlier version. There are still problems with accurate and complete reporting–but it appears that the fault lies with individual programs. The APA itself is requesting consistent data, which is very welcome. Eventually, I’d hope to correlate my data with the data offered in the Guide, but other things have gotten in the way. Nevertheless, I’m very excited by the increasing redundancy of this site! Here’s to the new APA!


Posted March 24, 2014 by David Marshall Miller in Uncategorized