2015 Update

It’s been a long while since I last updated this site. And I indicated in my last post that I might not do so again. But I have reconsidered, and I will (hopefully) soon post new rankings that include data from 2015.

One reason for the delay is that Prof. Leiter is no longer collecting job placement announcements on his blog. Of course, I had been using those threads as the dataset for my analysis, so I no longer had a data source. As Leiter notes, though, PhilJobs (in cooperation with the APA) has started collecting placement information of a similar kind. What is more, they have collected useful placement data all the way back to 2005! And to top it all off, they have made that data available in machine-readable form!! (Again, three cheers and many thanks!)

As a result, I have been able to replicate my analyses using the PhilJobs data, and will post results soon (provided I obtain permission to do so). A website redesign and new introduction will perforce accompany the postings, since I need to move the Leiter-Reports–based analyses to a separate space and update my methodology to reflect the new data source.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE to the update: The 2015 data is posted.


Posted December 28, 2015 by David Marshall Miller in Uncategorized